Class 8 BGS Assignment Answer 2021 (10th Week Solution)

Class 8 BGS Assignment Answer 10th Week has been published on My website today. Everyone will take my love at the beginning of the post. Hope everybody is doing well. In that part of the discussion, today we have appeared with the question and answer of the assignment of class 8 on Bangladesh and world studies. We know that like all other classes, the answers to the Bangladesh and World studies assignments of class 8 are also found on the internet. Because after publishing the questions of all the assignments, it has to be prepared and submitted within 1 week. So in that short time you have to write the answer and make an assignment of all the subjects.

Class 8 BGS Assignment Answer

Class 8 BGS Assignment Answer 10th Week

Class 8 Bangladesh and World studies Assignment (for 10th week) is published on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 4 pm. For that 10th week only 1 chapter is given as scheduled assignment of BGS subject. The title of the chapter is the colonial era and the freedom struggle of Bengal. Lessons 6 and 7 are included in the syllabus. E.g. Path-1: Arrival of Europeans in Bengal and Background of Colonial Rule, Lesson-2: Expansion of European Trade in Bengal, Lesson-3: Reasons for Victory of Colonial Power in Bengal, Lesson-4 and 5: Exploitation of East India Company and Impact of British Rule, Lesson-6: The East India Company and the anti-British movement, and Lessons 6 and 7: The Renaissance of Bengal and the Emergence of the State of Pakistan. Students are given assignments on the content of the lesson, which are highlighted below with answers.


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৬ষ্ঠ থেকে ৯ম শ্রেণি পর্যন্ত এ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর সবার আগে পেতে দ্রুত জানতে আমাদের ফেসবুক গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন (এখানে ক্লিক করে ☑️)

Class 8 10th Week BGS Assignment Instructions:

  1. The reverse page of the poster paper or calendar or the page of the account can be attached.
  2. Color variation can be brought using the date and year mentioned in the list.
  3. Brief descriptions of significant events can be mentioned in the poster. (E.g.- interchangeable
    Introduction of printing press, establishment of Calcutta University etc.)
  4. If necessary, pictures, drawings, paper cutting, etc. can be added.
  5. If necessary, the help of Dapper / Lower Class) can be taken from other helpful books besides one’s own textbook.

How to evaluate Class 8 BGS Assignment

Very good:

1) To maintain the accuracy and continuity of the content to the fullest extent.
2) Present ten facts with correct information.
3) Significant level of individuality and creativity in the presentation.
4) Remarkable aesthetic and varied presentation.

To Better:

1) Maintain the accuracy and continuity of the content in most cases.
2) Present eight facts with correct information.
3) Individuality and creativity in most of the presentations.
4) Aesthetic and varied presentation in most cases.


1) Lack of continuity even if the content is accurate.
2) Present five / six facts with correct information.
3) Partial privacy and creativity in the presentation.
4) Partial aesthetic and varied presentation.

Progress required:

1) Lack of accuracy and consistency of content.
2) Present less than four incidents with accurate information.
3) Lack of individuality and creativity in the presentation.
4) Lack of aesthetic and varied presentation.

Class 8 Assignment Answer Somaj Bangladesh O Bisso Porichoy

The issue of Bangladesh and world studies highlights all the identities of Bangladesh and the world at the same time. All the students will be able to know about Bangladesh and the world by connecting that subject in class 8. Where history, tradition, politics can all be known together in one book. The BGS subject of class 8 is not easy at all, so his assignment question is also not easy. The reason is that students have to get up to speed to answer his assignment, which leaves them thinking.

Final words:

After a lot of abandonment, it was time to complete the Class 8 BGS Assignment. Note that all of you should do your own assignments. And read it directly from the text book and collect from there. Because the real purpose of the assignment is to keep the students in the middle of coronation. So we also want you to do your own assignments, without anyone’s help.

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