What Two Countries Have Nearly 50 Of Global Coal Reserves? [Answer] 2022

The two countries that have nearly fifty coal reserves are the United States and China.

Why geothermal energy is sustainable?

Geothermal energy is sustainable because it is a renewable energy source that does not rely on oil or natural gas. Geothermal energy is created when the Earth’s heat is used to create steam. This steam is then used to produce electricity.

Why would the location of resources be a concern?

The location of resources could be a concern because it could affect the ability to produce goods and services.

Which of the following energy sources does not require waste disposal?

One option for energy that does not require waste disposal is solar power. Solar energy can be harnessed to generate electricity without the use of any waste materials.

Can you recycle Coloured paper?

Yes, recycled Coloured paper can be used to make new paper.

Is paper a tree?

Yes, paper is a tree. Paper is made from plant matter and is harvested to create paper products. Paper is a natural product and is composed of a variety of different plant materials.

Is glass can be recycled?

Yes, glass can be recycled.

Why is recycling bad?

Recycling is bad because it causes the release of toxins that can damage the environment and the health of people who work with them.

What will happen to an abandoned strip mine over time?

An abandoned strip mine may eventually become a nature reserve, as it is a habitat for a number of species of animals.

Which of the following best describes fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are composed of plant remains that have been dried out by the earth’s temperature and pressure.

Is paper better than plastic?

Paper is better than plastic because it is durable, environmentally friendly, and has a longer lifespan.

What can you recycle NZ?

There is no definitive answer to this question as recycling NZ can vary depending on the city or town in which you live. However, some tips on how to recycle NZ materials include sorting recyclable materials by type (e.g. plastic, glass, paper), checking for any special requirements such as a recycling code, and verifying that the recyclable material is actually safe to recycle.

Is strip mining bad for the environment?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific circumstances of strip mining. Generally speaking, strip mining is a type of mining in which a large area of the earth is mined for a specific resource, such as coal, oil, or diamond. This process can leave a large area contaminated with the minerals that were extracted, which can lead to negative environmental effects.

How is glass recycled?

The recycling process of glass begins by being crushed into small pieces. The small pieces are then heated until they liquefy. This liquid glass is then poured into small molds called pigs and hogs. These molds help in the manufacturing of new products by creating a pattern that is repeatable.

What resource is often compromised by mining?

Mining is often compromised by the use of malware, which can steal data or disrupt the mining process.

How can a global dependence on fossil fuels have associated social costs quizlet?

A global dependence on fossil fuels has associated social costs quizlet because it leads to increased emissions of climate-changing gases, which have negative effects on public health and the environment.

Can geothermal energy be used to fuel vehicles?

Yes, geothermal energy can be used to power vehicles. In fact, geothermal energy is already being used to power a number of different vehicles, including electric cars and trucks.

How does the recycling of paper differ from the recycling of other products?

The recycling of paper differs from recycling of other products in that paper is made up of large sheets of cellulose. The cellulose is broken down into small molecules by a process called hydrolysis. The small molecules are then converted into energy by the enzyme carbon-12 lyase.

Which resource can be used for electricity vehicle fuel and heat?

Electricity vehicles can use a variety of resources to power their engines and heat their tanks. Some of the most common sources of electricity for electric vehicles are solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles’ own batteries.

How can global dependence on fossil fuels have associated social costs?

The social costs of global dependence on fossil fuels can be significant. For example, if the world does not reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, then climate change could lead to increased natural disasters, which could cause economic losses, damage infrastructure, and disrupt social services. Additionally, the world is already experiencing some social costs from the increase in energy prices. For example, the cost of air pollution has increased, and the cost of food has increased as a result of the increase in energy prices.

What can I do with an empty milk carton?

One option is to recycle the milk carton.

Does recycling paper reduces water use?

recycling paper does not reduce water use

What is the most abundant global nonrenewable resource quizlet?

The most abundant global nonrenewable resource quizlet is the resource quizlet that asks respondents their opinions on the most important global resources.

How are resources allocated quizlet conservation?

Resources are allocated in a way that is most efficient for the organization.

How a global dependence on fossil fuels can lead to international security risks?

A global dependence on fossil fuels can lead to international security risks because it can create a security vacuum in which extremists and other militants can exploit.

What environmental problem do fossil fuels cause?

The environmental problem with fossil fuels is that they produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change.

What is strip mining in Minecraft?

Strip mining is a mining process where a minecart removes strip ore from a surface.

What paper can be recycled?

The paper that can be recycled is typically made of paperboard, which can be recycled by breaking it down into its component parts. The most common component of paperboard is the paperboard itself, but there are also paper fibers and paperboard pieces that have been cut into smaller pieces.

What is recycled paper made into?

Recycled paper is made into new paper products, such as paper towels, napkins, and paper cups.

Why might metals not be recycled?

Some potential reasons why metals may not be recycled include the following:1. Metals may not be recycled because they are not good materials to recycle.2. Metals may not be recycled because they are not valuable enough to be recycled.3. Metals may not be recycled because they are not safe to recycle.

How are resources allocated?

Resources are allocated in a number of ways, including:-Production-Consumption-Use-ProtectionProduction: This includes everything from the production of goods and services to the allocation of resources to create new businesses.-Consumption: This includes everything from how much we eat to how much we use energy.-Use: This includes everything from how we use the resources we have to how we use the resources we don’t have.-Protection: This includes everything from the allocation of resources to the prevention of natural disasters.

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