Who Was In The Central Powers? [Answer] 2022

The Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Romania.

Was Italy a central power in ww1?

No, Italy was not a central power in World War 1.

Did the Central Powers start ww1?

Yes, the Central Powers started World War 1.

Who won the ww1?

The United States won the World War 1.

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Who were the people in the Central Powers?

The Central Powers were the countries of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Serbia.

Who led the Central Powers?

The Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany.

Who were the Axis in ww1?

The Axis were a coalition of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan. They were in power during World War 1.

What 3 countries made up the Central Powers in World War 1?

Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania

What side was China on in ww1?

China was on the side of the USA in the first world war.

What country joined the Central Powers in 1915?


When did Pearl Harbor happen?

The Pearl Harbor attack happened on December 7, 1941.

Was Romania an Axis power?

No, Romania was not an axis power.

What did China do in ww2?

China did not participate in the Second World War, but they did participate in the War of Resistance.

Who were in the Axis?

The Axis consisted of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Why did US enter ww1?

The United States entered World War 1 in 1917 because President Woodrow Wilson wanted to show the world that America was a global power.

Who teamed up in ww1?

The Allies of World War 1, also known as the Central Powers, were a group of countries that fought against the Allies of World War 1, also known as the Allies.

What were Central Powers before ww1?

Before World War One, the Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia.

Who was not the member of Triple Alliance?

The member of Triple Alliance who did not die in the war was General George Armstrong Custer.

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Who won between Axis or Allies?

The Allies won because they had more tanks, planes, and artillery.

Why is it called Axis powers?

The term “Axis powers” is derived from the Axis of World War II, which was the term used for the countries that were along the Nazi-Soviet axis.

Who was in the triple Entendre?

In the triple entendre, the speaker is saying that they have three entendres – two with the word “you” and one with the word “triple”.

Who were the main powers in WWII?

The United States, the Soviet Union, and China were the main powers in World War II.

Why did Italy switch sides in ww2?

The Italians switched sides in World War 2 because they were influenced by the Nazi Germany and wanted to help the Allies.

Who were the Axis in ww2?

The Axis were the nations of Nazi Germany and Japan who fought against the Allies in World War II.

Who was head of Germany in ww1?

The head of Germany in World War 1 was Wilhelm Keitel.

Did Italy switch sides ww1?

No, Italy did not switch sides in World War 1.

Who was Germany’s leader in 1914?

The leader of Germany in 1914 was Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Who did UK fight in ww2?

The United Kingdom fought in World War II.

Who were the Central and Allied powers?

The Central and Allied Powers were the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Soviet Union, and France.

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Who were the Central Powers in 1914?

The Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia.

Who started ww1?

The First World War was fought from 1914 to 1918.

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