E‑Passport Online Registration (ই পাসপোর্ট আবেদন )

You can apply for the new e-Passport in 5 easy steps. E-passport is an electronic passport that is issued by the government. It is an identification document that has an electronic chip that contains the passport holder’s personal information. An e-passport is also called an electronic passport, an e-passport, or an ePass.

There are different types of e-passports. Some are valid for 10 years and others are valid for 5 years. The fee for an e-passport is different for each type.

To apply for an e-passport, you must first download the application form. The form can be found on the website of the Department of Immigration & Passports. The form must be filled out and submitted with the required documents and fees.

epassport gov bd Online Portal

The process of getting an e-passport is different in every country. In Bangladesh, the application process can be done in person or online.

To check the status of your e-passport, you can visit the website of the Directorate General of Passports (DG Passports) and enter your passport number. The picture on your e-passport will be a digital image of your passport photo. It is important to have a good quality passport photo to avoid delays in obtaining your passport.

The requirements for getting an e-passport vary from country to country. In Bangladesh, the following documents are required:

-Application form

-2 copies of passport-size photograph

-Copy of National ID card or Birth Certificate

-Copy of current passport (if any)

-Proof of payment of fees

E-passports are a secure and convenient way to travel. They are becoming more and more popular and are accepted in more and more countries. So, if you are planning to travel abroad, make sure to apply for an e-passport.

Step 1: Check to see if the new e-Passport is already available in your area.

1st we have to check the availability of e‑Passport in our own region. Let’s do that step by step if you apply from Bangladesh.

Go to epassport Apply official website and follow below steps.

passport region verification

Are you applying from Bangladesh?

  • If yes then click “Yes” or if you select “No” then you have to select your Country name.
  • Remind that- This Bangladesh Mission does not support e‑Passport applications yet.
  • So you have to choose “Yes” and select the district of your present address.
  • Select the police station nearest to your present address.
  • Click “Continue.”
set email address on epassport application

After doing that you can see Step 2 for submit your email address. Simply write your email address and click Continue solving captcha.

Step 2: Fill in your e-Passport application online

In this step, you have to set your password using a minimum of six characters, with at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character, and one digit to make it strong.

epassport account information

Write Personal Information:

Type your full name as per NID in the box named “Surname”

Mobile Phone Number:

Give your mobile number with correct country code.

Complete Captcha clicking above. I am human.

Now click “Create Account” button.

Please fill in all required information step by step in each section.

Passport Type:

Select the Passport Type for your application!

If you are not apply for Official passport then select ordinary Passport.

Click Save and Continue.

epassport registration form

Step 3: Pay the passport fees

Online payment is temporarily not available right now.

Payment for epassport

Online payment is temporarily not available

You have to pay by Bank account.

Offline payment

When applying in Bangladesh:

You can pay the passport fee at one of the domestic banks listed below:


When applying in a Bangladesh Mission:

Contact the Bangladesh Mission for available payment options (for example, bank transfer, credit card payment, and other options).

Click “Continue.”

Your application is submitted. Visit your Regional Passport office with required documents. Make sure you made the appropriate payment of passport fees.

When the online application submission is completed successfully, you have to pay your passport fees.

Step 4: Visit your Passport Office for biometric enrolment

List of required documents

  1. Printed application summary incl. appointment(if any)
  2. Identification documents (NID or Birth Registration Certificate)
  3. Payment Slip
  4. Previous passport (if any)
  5. GO/NOC for govt. employee(if any)
  6. Further documents depending on application
  7. Printed Application Form (optional)

These are the next steps to completing your ePassport application: This message was sent by the passport authority. Check your email inbox for the below information.

  1. Some passport offices require you to schedule an online appointment to visit them for ePassport enrolment. This is offered directly when you submit your application. Please check.
  2. Make the required payment of the passport fees at one of the supporting banks.
  3. Bring all the required documents with you while visiting the passport office for enrolment. This is at least your NID or BRC, previous passport (if available).
  4. Further documents, if needed for your case (e.g. marriage certificate, police clearance certificate, G.D. Report for lost or stolen passports, professional certificate, etc.).

Step 5: Collect your e-Passport at the passport office.

  • Delivery slip you received during passport enrolment
  • Authorized representatives(has to bring his/her NID card) can collect the applicant’s new passport.

What is an e-passport?

An e-passport is an electronic passport that has an embedded chip with biometric data. The chip stores the passport holder’s photograph, name, date of birth, and other biometric data. E-passports are more secure than traditional passports and offer greater protection against identity theft and fraud.

How do I get an e-passport?

To get an e-passport, you will need to apply at an e-passport office. You will need to provide your current passport, proof of citizenship, proof of identity, and a recent photograph. The application process and fees vary by country.

What are the benefits of an e-passport?

E-passports offer a number of benefits over traditional passports. They are more secure, as the chip stores biometric data that can be checked against the passport holder’s identity. They are also more difficult to forge. E-passports are also more resistant to damage and wear and tear.


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